November 12, 2010

Sausage Feet

By the looks of my feet these days I am officially in my last month of pregnancy. I call these my sausage feet (don't you love the sandal line across the top?) :

I had conferences this week which meant I had to work until 8pm Tuesday, and 9pm Thursday. I had an appointment Tuesday morning and everything looked good, no swelling, she's head down, engaged, and will likely have an "easier" labor because she's already in my pelvis- super I thought.

I was under the false imperssion that if I had made it this far with NO swelling I'd be the lucky few that escaped it, wrongo. By Tuesday early afternoon my feet began to swell, and by the time I got home late Tuesday night my ankles and feet were huge. Last night when I got home at 9pm I decided I needed to document my "sausages". I'm trying to drink lots of water, which ironically helps with swelling. When I woke up this morning they looked better, but not great. Now that it's noon they are on their way to sausage land again... oh well. I guess I'll deal as long as baby K is ok.

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Becky Bartlett said...

Too funny! I should have taken pictures of my feet at that stage. The best is when you poke them and your finger indent stays there for 10 minutes!! :)