November 15, 2010

35 Week's Down- 35 DAYS TO GO!

I remember reading about this 35-35 concept on someone's blog a long time ago and wanting so badly to be able to write about it myself- and now it's here and I CAN NOT believe it.

We have gone through 35 weeks of pregnancy, and only have THIRTY FIVE DAYS TO GO until our due date!!! To say that this journey has been unbelievable, amazing, and interesting is an understatement. We have felt so incredibly lucky and blessed since the day that we found out we were pregnant. I fall more in love with this little girl every single day. The anticipation that is building inside of me is insane. I can not wait to see her, hold her, comfort her, and watch Matt fall in love with her.

I truly can't find words to explain how excited we are. In just 13 days we will be full term and could truly meet this babe any day after that- 13 days! I am trying to take in every last second of having Matt's full attention and time, and enjoy the quietness around our house. But deep down I wish every day that this is "the day". =)

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Jenna Grover said...

what a sweet post. so crazy to think she's almost here. can't wait to meet her!