November 16, 2010

35 Week Survey

How far along? 35 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: At my appointment last week I had gained 2 pounds for the last 2 weeks total- I'll totally take that. =)

Sleep: It has been a rough week in the sleep department. Matt got a cold and has been snoring, which keeps me up. And, this little babe is super heavy and pressing on something that must be important in my pelvis area, so it's been hard to stay asleep. I find myself constantly turning over, which I'm sure is quite hilarious to watch.

Food cravings: Nothing

Best moment this week: Finding out that she is head down and completely engaged in my pelvis- which is supposed to make for an easier labor because my pelvis is already open, yee haw!

Movement: She is now long enough that her little feet can reach up under my ribs and kick away. It doesn't feel the greatest but I still love feeling her move.

Gender: Still a girl! =)

Labor Signs: No contractions, but she's "head down and ready to go" according to our midwife.

Belly Button in or out? In, but getting more shallow each day

What I miss: I still love being pregnant, but I am starting to miss my energy, and I also started swelling this week so I miss my skinny fingers and ankles

What I am looking forward to: We start getting checked next week to see if I'm dilated, I'm hoping for 2 cm. =)

Weekly Wisdom: I'm too tired to think of anything from this week, sorry if someone told me something great and I can't think of it now.

Milestones: Most babies born now may not need any NICU time!

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