July 22, 2012

Where do I begin?!

I admit, I am the worst blogger ever. But for some reason everyone is the house is still asleep but me, and I felt compelled to blog. So here goes, lots of incredible news to share, so we'll do this in bullets today. =)

- We moved into our new house about 10 months ago and have been super busy trying to grow grass, plant some trees, build a garden, decorate, organize, etc. We are loving life in the "country" and are sure we will be here for quite some time.

-Our "baby" girl is about to be 20 months old!!! Holy cow, how did that even happen. Here are her 18 month photos. She absolutely melts our hearts. She is funny, like seriously funny. I couldn't imagine not being at home with her every day. She is all character and so sweet.

- We are expecting baby #2!!! I can't even begin to explain to you how surprised we were that our very first round of infertility medication (and pills only this time!) was successful. I seriously just started believing this is all real, and we're already half way through this pregnancy. After being absolutely convinced that we were having a boy, I was proven wrong on Friday. We will be welcoming another baby girl and are SO thrilled that our two girls will have a sister just two years apart. At our ultrasound on Friday we asked the tech to put the gender in an envelope and seal it. We took that to our local cupcake shop and had them fill cupcakes with the appropriate color, and then took the cupcakes home for Kinley to devour and reveal this baby's gender. I'm so glad we involved Kinley, it was so fun to find out together.

- Our photography business is booming. It has been quite a challenge to shoot weddings this summer while being pregnant and having a drought along with 100+ degree temps, but with extra water and a few change of shirts we're managing. All of our 2012 sessions have been booked and we couldn't be happier with how things are going. I absolutely love the adrenaline of photography and love doing it all with Matt by my side.

I'd like to say that I see myself blogging regularly again, but really, who am I kidding? I'll only promise to attempt when I can.