January 10, 2009

going, going...gone!

We sold our house! We are so excited! We had a family come and look at our house over Christmas break and we got an official offer a week or so later. We went through the nerve wracking process of negotiating all on our own without a realtor and came out with a deal that we all could agree to. The final paperwork and closing is still to come in a week or two, but we're moving today!

Matt and our parents and some awesome friends from our small group helped move all of our stuff today(I was at class all day, actually I am still in class right now, don't worry we're only learning about philosophers, nothing I won't be fine without=). We have signed a month by month lease at an apartment complex in Cedar Falls, while we start the house hunting process over again. The apartment is only... FIFTY EIGHT SECONDS from my school, and significantly cheaper than our house payment was. Yippee!!!

We have began our house hunt with our realtor in Cedar Falls but unfortunately, or fortunately maybe, there are VERY few houses for sale in Cedar Falls right now. So for now we're living the newlywed dream at the thunder down under (Thunder Ridge Apartments that is)! We are glad to have a place to stay and we'll now be able to take our time looking for our next house. We're hoping to be pretty picky about what we're looking for, so we may be at the thunder for a month or maybe 6 months. With the housing market projected to continue to fall for the next 9-12 months in Iowa we are excited about the possibility of getting a great house at a discounted price! =)

Once I get a chance to jazz up the place a little bit I'll get some pictures on here. Gotta run... Earl is giving me "the eye".