November 23, 2010

36 Week Survey & 9 Month Belly Picture

How far along? 36 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: At my appointment last week I hadn't gained any weight since my last visit, still standing firm at 17 lbs total.

Sleep: Another poor sleeping week. I am having a lot of back pain when I sleep so I've had a lot of restless nights. We even tried the couch one night, and that didn't help a bit. I'm starting to feel the effects of not getting my 9-10 nomral hours of sleep. I know, there's way more of that in store for us in the next year. =)

Food cravings: Curry!

Best moment this week: Getting 5 days off starting tomorrow- I am in need of some quiet time and rest from work.

Movement: Still being a little acrobat- usually at about 3am, 6am, and 8pm.

Gender: All girl.

Labor Signs: A few cramps here and there this week, hoping it may have been a few mild contractions.

Belly Button in or out? In, but getting more shallow each day.

What I miss: The only real thing I would change right now is the back pain at night. Other than that, I am truly loving being pregnant!

What I am looking forward to: Being full term on Sunday!!! Finding out tomorrow if I am dilated at all yet.

Weekly Wisdom: Nap as often as you can right now.

Milestones: We're in the last month stretch... we could meet this little girl any day.

9 Months Pregnant! (And maybe the last "monthly picture") =)

Comparison picture... my oh my, how this body has changed!

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