November 22, 2010

Oh yeah- joining the minivan clan!

With major reservations I headed to our local car dealership with Matt last week. We left with this...

A dodge grand caraVAN.

I can't believe it. I'm truly speechless. I promised myself many years ago that I would never convert to the minivan clan- apparently my husband had other ideas.

I miss my suv but I have to admit, the whole push a button and your doors slide open for you thing, is kind of nice. I definitely agree that it will be much easier to get Baby K's carseat in and out of the van, as compared to reaching all the way to the middle of the back suv seat, but I still feel like I've lost a piece of my identity. Ok, not really. But I do feel quite a bit older "cruising" around town in this baby.

On a side note- it is a MILLION times easier to get all of my photography equipment and props into the back of the van compared to the suv, so I guess I'll bite my tongue and be proud (and thankful) to be joining the elite crew of minivan drivers.


Mrs. V said...

My husband is the same way! He wants a minivan, so it looks like shortly I'll be trading in my Ford Escape and joining you and the minivan clan! I NEVER thought that at 24 years old, I'd own a minivan. Kids change ya, that's for sure. :-)

Becky Bartlett said...

Looks like a sweet ride! I think we'll be heading for a minivan in the future, too... much to my dismay. :) they're just so practical!!