November 25, 2010

Matt's Monthly Memories - 9 months pregnant

Well here we sit at nearly 37 weeks pregnant. We had an appointment yesterday to see how the little girl was doing… she is doing well. The nurse first checks Bailey’s vitals and then she uses a Doppler to figure out the babe’s heartbeat. Well after a horrific lunch (Bailey wanted to eat a leftover that was at home, but I had taken it to work and she was a little upset about that) of very sugary cereal, the baby was going crazy. I was sitting in the corner of the office and I could see her belly moving as the baby was moving. Apparently she was on a sugar high and her heartbeat was around 190 beats per minute so they decided to try the Doppler later in the appointment to make sure that it was back down to a “normal” range (her heartbeat is usually 140/bpm). The midwife finally came into our room, I think it was about a 15 minute wait but it went really fast because Bailey and I were laughing at everything each one of us said. Anyway, she felt how the baby was situated in Bai’s gut, head down and facing her back, and then used the Doppler again to get a reading of around 150 beats per minute…this is normal. The midwife also checked Bailey to see if her womanly parts were preparing for labor and they most definitely are….3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. So this Thanksgiving day I am so thankful for my beautiful pregnant wife, my daughter that will be here very soon, my great family and family-in-law, great friends, great job, and our MINIVAN!! (read Bailey’s previous post if that last one doesn’t make sense). I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend.

That is all for me, next time I need to write a blog our daughter will be here, so until then, have a great month (or so!!).

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