September 30, 2010

Gestational Diabetes Test Results

The results are back... and I PASSED! I can hardly believe it! I was 107, and under 140 is "normal". I was so shocked and excited! But, I did find out that my hemoglobin is 10, which is low. A few months ago it was 12, which was low too, so we added extra iron. So with a prescription pre-natal that has extra iron, and an additiaonl iron sumpplement, my numbers still dropped. Errr.... NO wonder I am so stinking tired all of the time! So starting tonight I will be adding 2 additional iron supplements a day. Hopefully this does the trick and I can get my numbers back up and therefore my energy too!

Thanks for all of the good thoughts and prayers!

An email that meant a lot

Every so often Matt and I will get an email from someone (that we don't know) who has come across our blog. They usually have a similar story to ours and just wanted to thank us for being so open, because they usually haven't had the opportunity yet to share their story and still feel so alone. This week we got one of those special emails. I share it with you (with permission) because I think so many people going through infertility feel the same way we do, and just need to keep hearing the message of hope.

Hi Bailey! I’m going to attempt to keep this short, although I know better (here’s to wishful thinking).

I came across your blog when I was googling some information on fertility treatments. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 2 years. Our regular doctors referred us to specialists, who thought everything was fine with me, but said my husband’s sperm count was a little low. So from there we went to a fertility clinic. We went through yet another round of tests and they said ****’ sperm count was fine. We did an HSG (my story is similar to yours – they basically had to do it twice) and my right ovary was blocked (although the fertility clinic Dr. thinks it spasmed and that it isn’t really blocked) So, they said **** and I are fine – so we fit into the unexplained infertility category. Sometimes I wish either of us had a diagnosis so we knew what to treat and how to treat it. I started Femara the same month and we completed our first IUI last week. Of course there are more details in between all that (as your blog has so perfectly put it), but that’s the basics.

I’ve read your entire blog over the last week or so. We’ve kept our infertility a secret so it was awesome getting to read something so heartfelt from someone who can relate to what we are going through. Reading your blog made me sad, nervous, angry, frustrated, peaceful and happy.

We are so hopeful that this cycle works. We want to be parents so badly. But we know the odds of the IUI working the first time are rare. We want to continue with treatments, but we’re not sure where the money will come from. Insurance hasn’t covered anything so we barely made the payment for the first round.

I don’t have any real reason for writing this, just that I wanted you to know that you’ve made a difference in my life. I couldn’t ever put our struggle with infertility into words like you did, but I’ve felt everything you wrote. I found a new appreciation for my husband, who has been so encouraging and understanding. I’ve learned to trust in what life has in store for us, because even as much as I’d like to plan every detail (and I try to), it doesn’t work that way. And patience…..If my friends and family only knew how patient I’ve become. This has been the hardest struggle of my life, but I keep thinking “tough situations don’t last, tough people do.” So for now, I count down the days until I go back to test my levels (2 more days).

Elizabeth, thank you for all that you said in your email. I can't tell you how often we have questioned if writing about "all of this" was the best choice, I think you made up our minds.


September 29, 2010

Gestational Diabetes Screening

Today I will endure chugging a nasty doctor ordered orange drink and then proceed to get my blood drawn all to find out if I need a further diabetes screening. Although this screening is mandatory for all pregnant women, I doubt all women go into it being told by their doctor that they will likely fail it. =(

My doctor said because of my PCOS (the cysts affect insulin, yada yada yada) I will probably fail this test, then have to repeat it all for a 3 hour time frame. I'm not too thrilled about that possibility. A) I hate needles (I CAN'T BELIEVE how well I was able to withstand them during our infertility treatments- that seems so long ago) B) I REALLY don't want to have gestational diabetes and have to deal with all of the carb and sugar counting and worrying about what a bowl of ice cream might do to my insulin, and therefore our baby...ugh

So a few extra prayers for a "normal" test today would be appreciated... wish me luck with the orange stuff too!

September 28, 2010

28 Week Survey & 7 month belly picture

How far along? 28 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Who knows... I'll find out an official weight tomorrow.

Sleep: I have been exhausted this week so I've slept really well!

Food cravings: Homemade ranch still (I've had it EVERY day this week...oops!

Best moment this week: My Mom got to feel our baby girl kick this past week! She was so excited and even cried... oh nana!

Movement: Matt can now see her moving in my belly when he's sitting on the couch and I'm the chair 3-4 feet away from him- so crazy, I love it!

Gender: Still a girl! =)

Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: Not a darn thing

What I am looking forward to: Our hospital tour next week!

Weekly Wisdom: Childbirth is EXHAUSTING, no matter how exhausted you are though keep your eyes on the prize, LITERALLY.

Milestones: Having complete strangers look at my belly, must mean it's "official" =)

7 Months Pregnant:

Months 2-7 comparison:

September 26, 2010

28 Weeks

(still an eggplant)
Your baby's eyes are partially open and can perceive light. Your baby's eye lashes and eye brows continue to grow and subcutaneous fat is deposited. About 9 out of 10 babies born now will survive with intensive care services and the help of medical technology. Your baby is almost 15 inches and weighs over two pounds.

She can blink her eyes, which now sport lashes. With her eyesight developing, she may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb. She's also developing billions of neurons in her brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

September 23, 2010

Blessed, lucky… still in disbelief

Sometimes I sit back and wonder how Matt and I are so lucky to have been chosen to carry and take care of this precious little girl in my belly. I am constantly amazed by the magnitude of carrying a child in my stomach. Each morning between 6:30am-7am when my alarm is going off every 5 minutes but I’m refusing to get out of bed yet, our little girl goes CRAZY! She (from what I can tell) kicks, flips, and jabs until her little heart is content, or until I actually get my butt out of bed and get in the shower, and then she’s back to being asleep/quiet for the next 12 hours. And every morning as our little routine begins, and I get a quick hard kick, I giggle. Just me, our precious babe, and maybe a cat or two are in the room, and yet I laugh out loud as if the room were full of people.

You see, I LOVE this little girl, and I LOVE that she is strong enough to nail me a good one at 6:30 in the morning. I laugh partly because a few minutes before I get jabbed, I’m still too groggy to even remember that I’m pregnant, guess she just wants to remind me. Most days I hardly even notice that I finally have a belly that’s sticking out in a “pregnant position”. Most days I just feel like my normal old self, which as the doctors tell me is great, because you don’t want to “feel pregnant”. Because when you “feel pregnant” it means you are probably waddling, uncomfortable, or plain miserable. I guess I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to that point because I love every second so far, I know, laugh at me now. Those of you who have been pregnant I’m sure are thinking to your selves; just wait, you’ll get so big that you’ll feel pregnant 24 hours a day.

I don’t know if these are all normal “pregnancy feelings”, or if they are a direct result of infertility. Either way I just feel so incredibly lucky to be where we are right now. I hate to dwell on the past, but I can certainly remember days when we would leave a doctors office and all I wanted to do was cry the entire way home. I cried mostly because I wondered if we would EVER get the opportunity to carry a child, feel a baby kick inside my belly, or experience bringing a brand new baby home from the hospital.

I don’t ever want to take this experience for granted. There are so many friends that are still in the spot that we once were not too long ago… wondering IF these things will ever happen to them. I think about you guys all the time. I hope and pray that you too will one day experience the remarkable feeling of being pregnant.

September 21, 2010

27 Week Survey

How far along? 27 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: +9 total (I think I've gained 5 lbs in 3 weeks, since I didn't save my weight at home since then I'm not 100% sure, I'll know for sure next Wednesday at my appointment. In the mean tiem I'm trying not to freak because my doctor said the most weight is gained between 20-28 weeks)

Sleep: Not too bad this week

Food cravings: Homemade ranch (no, I don't make it myself, I just REALLY appreciate restaurants that do,and especially those that sell it!)

Best moment this week: During our Bradley birthing class we had our first "labor practice" where we hold ice to our wrists to simulate the length of a contraction while we work on the techniques we have been taught to relax and get through each contraction. Finally practicing made everything seem so real, I CAN'T WAIT for the day to finally come!

Movement: She has been kicking REALLY hard every morning, I love laying in bed and feeling it, I love it!


Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: Not a darn thing

What I am looking forward to: My first baby shower in 2 1/2 weeks!

Weekly Wisdom: Trust your body, if something doesn't feel right, call the doctor.

Milestones: Taking our first trip to labor and delivery last week. Ok, maybe not a milestone, but definitely memorable.

September 19, 2010

27 Weeks

(still an eggplant)

The retina develops its normal layers by the 27th week of gestation. These layers are important in receiving light and light information and transmitting it to the brain for interpretation. Your baby's skin is quite wrinkled from floating in water. It will stay this way until a few weeks after birth as your newborn fills out into a baby. Your baby is about 14.5 inches long, and weighs over two pounds.

Your baby is now sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes, and perhaps even sucking her fingers. With more brain tissue developing, your baby's brain is very active now. While her lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with a lot of medical help — if she were to be born now. Chalk up any tiny rhythmic movements you may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be common from now on. Each episode usually lasts only a few moments, and they don't bother her, so just relax and enjoy the tickle.

September 16, 2010

Holy emotions & bathroom visits & breathlessness

I think I've hit a new phase of pregnancy...

crazy emotions and bathroom runs and breathlessness!

I have felt like crying, for no real reason, for the last week. As I sit and type now "Stand up to cancer" (a show on TV raising money for cancer) is on, and I could break out in full blown tears at any given second. Seeing the people who have survived cancer makes me weepy to say the least. At least twice this week I about burst into tears for NO reason when Matt asked me if something was wrong.

I had been warned about this "phenomenon" in pregnancy, but I really thought I wouldn't be "one of those". Guess I was wrong.

On another pregnancy related note... bathroom runs. Oh how I have transitioned into a runner. I am now getting up 2-3 times a night to run to the bathroom. And I visited the bathroom at work at least 10 times every day this week, when a usual day usually only consists of only one or two trips. I'll gladly deal with my new found "sport" because I know it means that I've reached the end stretch and our baby is now big enough that she's squishing the life out of my bladder.

I've also recently noticed that if I come upstairs from the basement (which is 4 sets of stairs) I am breathless by the time I get to the top of the stairs. I'm assuming reduced lung capacity is the culprit, since this baby girl is now up near my ribs.

Oh well,keep on growing and squishing me little girl!

September 14, 2010

26 Week Survey

How far along? 26 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: +4

Sleep: I am now completely uncomfortable sleeping on my back. If I wake up on my back I have enormous pressure from the babe's weight squishing me from the inside. So since I was a back sleeper this transition has taken away from my great sleep, but I'm learning to adjust to being a side sleeper.

Food cravings: Still animal crackers and frosting

Best moment this week: She has been kicking REALLY hard- so one night I told Matt to come feel and his eyes got HUGE as she whacked him. She has certainly gotten some strength in the last week!

Movement: Every day and getting stronger each day, still loving it!


Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: Not a darn thing

What I am looking forward to: We just scheduled our hospital tour for October, I'm excited to see everything from a "moms" view instead of a visitors view.

Weekly Wisdom: Nothing sticks out from this week

Milestones: Having less than 100 days left until we meet this little girl! And scheduling our hospital tour... I can't BELIEVE we are actually going to visit the hospital where OUR baby will be born in 3 months!!

September 13, 2010

all is okay!

We are on our way home from the hospital now. The babe had a good, strong heartbeat, I wasn't having any contractions, and the fluid tested negative for amniotic fluid. So we were sent home with the all clear that everything looks fine.

The nurse and doctor were amazing!!! The nurse was so so kind and caring, even sat and chatted abd laughed with us.

I was pretty confident things were ok, but did get a bit nervous when they said to come in right away.

We heard a few brand new babies crying, made me SO excited to be there "for real", but not for a few more months at least.

Thanks for the prayers for this little girl!

prayers needed

We are on the way to labor and delivery at the hospital. I have some "fluid leakage". They want to make sure its not amniotic fluid. Update when we know more. Thanks for the prayers!

September 12, 2010

26 Weeks

(Still the size of an eggplant)

Your baby's developed oil and sweat glands are now functioning. Her fingernails, toenails, eyebrows and eyelashes are now fully present and will continue to grow until birth. She can respond to sound and can hear you and those around you. Although we assume the uterus is a quiet place, the baby has been surrounded by noise for a long time. Things like your heartbeat, digestion, other body functions and external noises are heard by the baby. In fact, you may feel the baby jump at a sudden noise. Your baby is now about 14 inches and weighs a little less than two pounds.

The uterus also allows some light to be seen so your baby is aware of light and dark. Your baby's skin is wrinkled and translucent and may have a reddish color due to the presence of dermal blood vessels. Veins are visible through your baby's skin, although it is quickly changing from transparent to opaque. The following months will see an increase in body fat. The lungs continue to mature with the development of air sacs and also begin to secrete surfactant (a substance that will help your baby's lungs expand at birth). At this stage of development the various organs have formed. About 80% babies born now survive (with intensive care services).

September 7, 2010

25 Week Survey

How far along? 25 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: +5

Sleep: I've slept amazing this past week.

Food cravings: Animal crackers and frosting

Best moment this week: Feeling her kick a TON!

Movement: Every day and loving it!


Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: Not a darn thing

What I am looking forward to: Continuing our Bradley birthing classes

Weekly Wisdom: Sleep-in every weekend while you can

Milestones: REACHING THE THIRD TRIMESTER!!! I can't even believe we are already in the third trimester, it is SO unbelievable that we have made it this far! (we are now in the 3rd trimester according to my pregnancy book, although some doctors and other books go by 27 or 28 weeks, just an FYI)

September 5, 2010

25 Weeks: eggplant

The structures of your baby's spine are beginning to form while the blood vessels of the lungs develop as well. Also, her nostrils are beginning to open. Your baby now has fully formed fingerprints and her bones are continuing to harden. Her taste buds are forming, and she may be developing a weakness for sweets. She is about 13 inches long and weighs a pound and a half.

September 2, 2010

Matt's Monthly Memories - 6 months pregnant

Well let’s see here…where to start this month.  Since last time, we found out we are going to have a little princess to add to the King family.  I had a feeling it was going to be a girl and I was right!  I am excited to be having a girl but have no explanation for this.  It seems that most fathers want a son to be the star athlete and all that jazz, but I am looking forward to spoiling our little daughter.  You can spoil boys but I don’t think they care as much as girls do when it comes to spoiling them.  Some people may fear the day that their little girl goes on her first date, or buying the prom dresses and eventually the possible wedding day, but I truly look forward to those days.  I think that making my little girl happy will make me even happier.
Along with all of this, I know Bailey is very excited to have a little girl to dress up with bows and ribbons and pink dresses.  I can’t wait to see Bailey as a mother to our daughter, although I am scared for the future to come home from work and they both say to me….”look what we bought today” with bags and bags of clothing/shoes/purses lying around the entire house.  Fortunately (at least I think) that will be a while before that happens.  Now we just have to wait (kegel) until our little princess (kegel) is born in a few (kegel) short months for all of this (kegel) to come to fruition.
How far along?
We are in our 24th week….start week 25 on Sunday!!

Total weight gain/loss:
Staying consistent

Sleep: I have no problems sleeping at night.  This pregnancy hasn’t affected that at all!!

Food cravings:
It seems like I crave everything Bailey says sounds disgusting.

Best moment this week:
Hearing her little heart beating 150 bpm on Tuesday afternoon!

I have felt her move, but sometimes when I try really hard I start feeling my own pulse in my hand which feels rather similar at this point.

Gender: I am a guy, our baby is a girl

Labor Signs:
I friggin work every day and some weekends, but I love my job so it’s not that bad

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: Well…..

What I am looking forward to:
Spoiling this little girl!  Oh and college football starts this weekend.  I can't wait to buy little jerseys for her (even though they will be pink and probably match mommies!)

Weekly Wisdom: “Bailey….don’t forget to Kegel”

Milestones: Bailey started teaching again!! AND we have less than four months until our daughter is here!!
Have a great month everyone!!