November 4, 2010

Baby Showers!

I was thrown three of the most beautiful showers ever in the past few weeks! The first shower (and the only one that I actually remembered my camera for) was thrown by my two best friends from high school, and two great friends from my small group. It was in an old barn that has been fixed up, and decorated with plenty of pink. =) We received so many great presents, and some pretty great "advice" cards too. Thank you to everyone who made the day so special.

My sister (who was back from Florida for a wedding that happened to be the same weekend!) me, my mom, and Matt's mom

Sippy cup challenge- if you've never tried it, it's VERY hard to suck an entire cup of juice out of these things!

After the sippy cup challenge we did a relay race with changing a doll's diaper- the proud winning team!

With my two best friends from high school who helped throw the shower- I COMPLETELY forgot to get a picture with all four girls that threw this beautiful shower for me, sorry Jackee and Anne!

Matt showed up to help load the gifts, so I made him take a picture. =)

The second shower was thrown by Matt's mom and a few of his aunts, it was SO pretty! We also received some really great gifts at that shower. Unfortunately I left my camera at home, and so did just about everyone else that was there. =( Matt's mom made a REALLY awesome diaper cake that had all sorts of baby necessities in it, it took us forever just to take it apart and get all of the goodies out of it! Thank you to everyone that helped make that day so great too!

The third shower was thrown by my work. It was yesterday and it was so perfect. They got us our last major item, the video monitor. We are so thankful for the monitor and can't wait to watch our little babe on it. Everyone went in to bring a an appetizer to the shower and it was perfect, and delicious! =) Thank you to all of the awesome people that I work with, I am going to miss you guys SO MUCH this year!

I can't believe that we now have nearly everything that we need for this little babe. Her room is 95% complete, all we need are a few last things (like a hamper, lamp, and garbage can) that we are hoping to get on our IKEA trip and then we'll be 100% set and I'll get nursery pictures posted. It is so surreal to walk into her room, look around and see all of the blankets folded and ready, the diapers and wipes out on the changing table, and her hospital bag packed with an adorable going home outfit. I can't believe in just 4 weeks we'll be full term at 37 weeks... I can't wait!

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Jenna Grover said...

soooo crazy! she's almost here, i can't wait! glad you enjoyed all your showers:)