September 16, 2010

Holy emotions & bathroom visits & breathlessness

I think I've hit a new phase of pregnancy...

crazy emotions and bathroom runs and breathlessness!

I have felt like crying, for no real reason, for the last week. As I sit and type now "Stand up to cancer" (a show on TV raising money for cancer) is on, and I could break out in full blown tears at any given second. Seeing the people who have survived cancer makes me weepy to say the least. At least twice this week I about burst into tears for NO reason when Matt asked me if something was wrong.

I had been warned about this "phenomenon" in pregnancy, but I really thought I wouldn't be "one of those". Guess I was wrong.

On another pregnancy related note... bathroom runs. Oh how I have transitioned into a runner. I am now getting up 2-3 times a night to run to the bathroom. And I visited the bathroom at work at least 10 times every day this week, when a usual day usually only consists of only one or two trips. I'll gladly deal with my new found "sport" because I know it means that I've reached the end stretch and our baby is now big enough that she's squishing the life out of my bladder.

I've also recently noticed that if I come upstairs from the basement (which is 4 sets of stairs) I am breathless by the time I get to the top of the stairs. I'm assuming reduced lung capacity is the culprit, since this baby girl is now up near my ribs.

Oh well,keep on growing and squishing me little girl!


Mrs. V said...

I can totally relate! On one hand it gets kind of uncomfortable, but on the other hand it makes me smile because I never thought I'd be THIS pregnant. LOL!

Jenn said...

hey, sound's like you've entered the 'fun' phase! :) Wishing you fast running, and lots of kleenex for the emotions!