September 29, 2010

Gestational Diabetes Screening

Today I will endure chugging a nasty doctor ordered orange drink and then proceed to get my blood drawn all to find out if I need a further diabetes screening. Although this screening is mandatory for all pregnant women, I doubt all women go into it being told by their doctor that they will likely fail it. =(

My doctor said because of my PCOS (the cysts affect insulin, yada yada yada) I will probably fail this test, then have to repeat it all for a 3 hour time frame. I'm not too thrilled about that possibility. A) I hate needles (I CAN'T BELIEVE how well I was able to withstand them during our infertility treatments- that seems so long ago) B) I REALLY don't want to have gestational diabetes and have to deal with all of the carb and sugar counting and worrying about what a bowl of ice cream might do to my insulin, and therefore our baby...ugh

So a few extra prayers for a "normal" test today would be appreciated... wish me luck with the orange stuff too!


Mrs. V said...

I'm praying that you pass it!!!! I'm sure you will though, even though your doctors said otherwise. You're one strong Mama!

BethForbus said...

I have PCOS and did NOT have gestational diabetes.

Have been following your pregnancy on your blog. So very happy for you. Congratulations on your sweet daughter. Nothing in this world like the honor of being a mommy to a little girl. God is good to you!