September 13, 2010

all is okay!

We are on our way home from the hospital now. The babe had a good, strong heartbeat, I wasn't having any contractions, and the fluid tested negative for amniotic fluid. So we were sent home with the all clear that everything looks fine.

The nurse and doctor were amazing!!! The nurse was so so kind and caring, even sat and chatted abd laughed with us.

I was pretty confident things were ok, but did get a bit nervous when they said to come in right away.

We heard a few brand new babies crying, made me SO excited to be there "for real", but not for a few more months at least.

Thanks for the prayers for this little girl!


Jenna Davis said...

so glad everything turned out ok. pray for you and baby king every day! love you bff!

Anonymous said...

I probably prayed the hardest and it obviously worked! Can't wait to meet my new little granddaughter!! Love all of you!