July 21, 2010

Summer projects: siding/roof & kitchen

This summer we started to take on our "before baby" list. Two of the HUGE projects that we have wanted to get done since we bought our house a year or so ago were on our summer list; new siding and roof, and tackle the 1980's kitchen.

As luck would have it, we were hit by TWO hail storms in the last 12 months which our insurance nearly covered all of the new roof, siding and gutters.

As you might remember here was the front of our house the day we bought it:

And the front of our house now!!! I LOVE how it turned out. I've always thought gray and white were super pretty!

And for the biggest change... our kitchen. My wonderful (and slightly crazy husband) tackled this entire project in about 3 days. He began on a Friday night at about 5pm with putting a liquid sander on all of the cabinets, and by Sunday afternoon it had all been primed twice and painted, new hinges, and an island constructed, I was amazed (and in love because he wouldn't let me be around the paint since I'm pregnant, so I got out of this huge project for the most part). A few days later we got 95% of our counters in, and Matt installed them(they messed up and had to reorder a corner piece). I LOVE OUR KITCHEN NOW!!!!

The before: (don't you love the plaid picnic blue wall paper?!)

The after (with baby Cheuse and all):


Mrs. V said...

Wow! It looks amazing! Your husband did an awesome job on the kicthen, and the siding is beautiful. The colors go together so nicely!

Jenn said...

LOOKS AMAZING! You all did such a great job in designing it! Wanna come do my house! :)

Jenna Davis said...

looks so good - LOVE the kitchen!

Jamie said...

We have GOT to do our 70's kitchen bad too! I think we are only planning on painting the cupboards for now but it does make a huge difference! Nice work!

Becky Bartlett said...

Wow! Very very nice! :)

Joann Winton said...

Your new roof and siding look much better now! It must be the color that gave its fresher appeal. Good thing you have insurance. You didn't need to shed a huge amount of money to fix the damages caused by the hailstorm.

-Joann Winton @ AJCRoofing

Tamara Stanley said...

Wow! Great transformation for your exteriors, Bailey! It's been years now, and I really hope you maintained the awesome facade of your place. I wonder if you had other roof repairs or replacements for the past four years. Any update? :)

Tamara Stanley @ RhinoRoofingABQ

Vernia Kale said...

“I've always thought gray and white were super pretty!” - For some, it is, yet your photo is the best evidence to proof your statement. The combination is pleasing to the eyes and looks perfect with your greenish field. Are you still staying at this house? If so, I hope you've been cleaning the roof, especially the gutters, regularly. :)

Vernia Kale @ Muth Roofing