July 8, 2010

16 Week Appointment

Our appointment yesterday went great! The baby's heartbeat was 160 bpm. The nurse let us listen for quite a while. I just laid there with a HUGE smile on my face. It is truly the coolest thing to hear the heartbeat. I'm now starting to sway and think that maybe I am carrying a girl! =) Although all of the nurses assure me that the "old wives tale" is not accurate, I still think it has a little bit of truth to it.

All of my tests from our last appointment came back normal. The doctor measured me and I'm assuming since she didn't say otherwise, the baby must be measuring "on" for our due date.

In other good news I think I felt the baby moving again today. It wasn't as strong of a feeling as last time, but I'm still pretty sure it was the baby, which helps to make up for feeling like crap today. I'm completely stuffed up and having some major stomach issues. It's definitely a different feeling being sick and pregnant, I worry more about our baby while I'm pregnant than I do about myself (but no worries, Matt is mighty concerned about my health).

Only 25 days until we know what this little babe is, so excited! =)

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Kolby, Laura, Moe, and IDK said...

We found out the sex of our baby last week, and I will tell you that the old wives tale wasn't right with us!! Our baby's hb has been 172, 168, and 157 when we have gotten to hear it, and we are having a boy! So we were way over the dividing line. I was super suprised when the Dr. told us! Good luck!