July 1, 2010

Father's Day

A tad late with this, but it seems like we've been running like crazy the last few weeks.

Father's day we had a great day! Matt went golfing with my dad while I went to church with my sister (who was back from Florida) and my mom, then we met up with my grandpa and his wife, Matt and dad, and my aunt and uncle from Nebraska for lunch. After lunch we headed out to do some mini golfing and go cart racing for dad's father's day present. We then headed to dinner with Matt's dad... what a day.

Although it was ridiculously hot, we still had a good time. Maybe we will even make go carting and mini golfing a yearly event!

Keri started in the lead and was able to maintain the lead for the win!

Poor Matt... last place. (Although admittedly by everyone, it was impossible to pass in these go carts)

And finally, Daddio... happy even with 2nd place. =)

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