July 23, 2010


This summer we expanded our garden so that we could have enough room for onions and cucumbers in addition to tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and green peppers. Matt built a little fence, with a homemade gate!

Matt has been a lot of help with the garden this year since the heat has been making me feel so sick. He will only eat the onions out of everything we are growing, but he still has turned into quite the gardener. We once again have been struck with blite!!! Which is a fungus that ruins tomato plants when it's hot and humid (hello, we live in the Midwest!). But he has been on attack mode since it showed up. Last year it completely ruined our garden, this year we have pulled an entire plant that had it bad, cut every branch off of the other plants that were infected, and sprayed the crap out of the plants with a fungicide spray. We're hoping we caught it early enough so we can continue getting these awesome basket fulls of vegetables!

2 of the 5 bunches of onions ready to be dried!

Mmmm... cucumbers, tomatoes, and green peppers!

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Bethany said...

WOW! That's quite the harvest! I need to take some gardening tips from you! Everything looks yummy!