April 14, 2010


This all seems so surreal. This morning my mom called to see how I was feeling and to tell the babies good morning (she too is convinced it's twins). So. Stinking. Weird.

I'm pregnant. I have a human life (that I've been dying to have for a long time) growing in me. I can't even believe it. I don't ever want this joy to go away. I feel like I just won the lottery.

Lots of my colleagues at work follow our blog and obviously now know that we're pregnant. This morning as I was walking down the hall one of them asked how I was feeling, then I realized she was staring at my belly. It made me smile. On a "normal" day I would have thought she thought that I looked fat in the dress I have on today, but today, I didn't care, I love the fact that she was looking at my belly.

Speaking of bellies...my oh my. I never knew you could start to get a bump at 4 weeks!!! I know it's all bloat from the medicines and hormones that are raging, but my goodness. I seriously could not get into a pair of pants last night that I wore just a few weeks ago. I was mortified for a second, then I actually smiled at the fact that they already don't fit. Who cares if it's technically not a "baby" bump yet, I'll still claim it!

Matt laughed at me last night as I made a post-it note countdown for our fridge showing how many days until our ultrasound. In case you were wondering, I peeled off post-it note #16 this morning, so we have only 15 days left.

I feel like a bit of a teeter totter. I go from a tidge of anxiety wondering if everything will continue to grow and do well in the next week as we pass "the milestone", to just simple happiness over the fact that we are pregnant, and that we have to have faith that all will be well at the ultrasound.

Thank you to the countless supporters that we have in our corner right now. Your emails, facebook messages, and comments on here truly meant the world to us. Thank you.


Bethany said...

So glad you are enjoying being pregnant! You are witnessing one of God's greatest miracles! Treasure each moment!

lynne [jaygirl] said...

I'm a new follower and am so happy to have found you and follow your journey. We are about a week away from our 2nd IUI after TTC for 9 years. Hopefully, we will receive wonderful blessings as well.

Congrats to you!! TTYS!

Sarah said...

I have been following your blog for several months and I am so happy and excited for you! God's Blessings to your journey these next few months!