April 20, 2010

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?

Commonly referred to as:
Mr. King, Kinger, Kinger-Dinger, Kingdizzle, lovey, hun, babe, Matt, Matthew, Matty, Matty T., and loser (an inside joke between Matt & my dad)

Handsome, fun, outgoing, athletic, caring, loving, Christian, amazing

Job Titles:
Engineer, husband, brother, son, cook, chef, maid, landscaper, comforter, counselor, comedian, runner, golfer, friend, listener, father (hehe)

You probably haven't seem him lately because he's been busting his butt to make this girl happy, comfortable, full, and loved. Ever since we found out we were pregnant he has cooked every meal (except for the eggs that I boiled last night, does that count? =) He has kept up with the lawn, cut down a few trees (with my dad's help) taken out the trash, taken care of our cats, picked up the house (with a lot of help from my awesome mom) and performed every other small task on my mental to-do list that would stress me out at this point.

To sum it up, he's pretty much amazing, I'm pretty much in love and incredibly lucky.

No, you can't have him, and yes, you can stop drooling at his picture now. =)


Bethany said...

Cute post! You will fall in love with him even more when you witness him being a father to your baby!

Becky Bartlett said...

Wow! What a husband!! Way to go, Matt!