April 6, 2010

Our last IUI- in pictures

I was doing some thinking this week, and realized that last time (with embarrassment) I put pictures from our IUI on our blog, and we got pregnant. So, I will attempt to plug into that same "luck" again. =)

Matt and I at the hospital waiting for our "buzzer" to go off telling us it's TIME!

Me with a banner on the way into our clinic- the picture of the lady looks IDENTICAL to nurse nice, who actually did our IUI too. (Unfortunately I opened my big mouth during the IUI and tried to compliment her on the banner, and she said that it actually wasn't her, just identical hair and eyes and that she hears that comment all the time, oops!)

Just waiting to be released to go home.

My view.

Only 6 more days to wait! Hoping the time flies!


azmamma said...

at least you have a TV to help pass the time!

Emily said...

I hope that this one works for you!