August 2, 2009

from needle phob... to shot pro!

Ok, I'm not exactly a shot pro yet, but it's going SO much better than I expected. I had my first two shots on Thursday and Friday done by the nurse, I laid perfectly still and quiet and tried to think good thoughts during both of them. She talked through it all with Matt as she was doing it, so that he would be ready to do it on his own this weekend.

We were at lake Delhi with some friends (I'll post more on that later, it was Christmas on the lake and we were put in charge of decorating the pontoon for Christmas, and since I'm obsessed with Christmas it got crazy!) so Matt had to give me his first shot (my 3rd) at their house. Everything went really well! In fact, it hurt less when he did it than when the nurse did it. Today will be my last shot and then a scan (ultrasound) on Tuesday to see how many follicles grew from all of these meds. I can't wait to hopefully see several nice big follicles on the screen! Hopefully things will look ready and then Matt will give me the "trigger" shot Tuesday night to make the follicles release.

Here are my meds, syringes, and needles all lined up and ready to go:

I'm feeling hopeful, optimistic and excited!!! Fingers crossed this does the trick!


Mrs. Hammer said...

Prayers and good luck for this cycle!

Low Fat Lady said...

Good luck!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

fingers crossed for you!!

Low Fat Lady said...

I wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. Come to my blog to receive your award.