August 4, 2009

Follicle Scan #1

Well I'm just back from the ultrasound and things went ok. I had two follicles (cd12) one at 13mm and one at 16mm both on my left ovary. Once again righty did NOTHING... urrr. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed b/c I was hoping with the injections this month that things would be looking better, I just had a feeling there would be more growth. Matt kept telling me I'm silly for being disappointed. I think he's right, at least there were some follicles, I really shouldn’t complain.

I go back Thursday for another scan, and hopefully a trigger shot, followed by an IUI Saturday. I'm hoping the follicles are 17mm and 20mm by our next scan on Thursday afternoon.

Ok IF girls, question for ya:
Do you think the 13mm will have a chance? The ultrasound tech made it sound like the 13mm today wouldn't stand a chance at all. What do you girls think?

Thanks for checking in on us and for keeping us in your prayers!

**Leave us a comment if you have a second to two, we’d love to hear from you!**


MysteriousMindy said...

On another blog I'm following, I've read 20mm is the target size for release

Low Fat Lady said...

I am a newbie so I don't really know about sizes. At my scan they just said I had four and didn't tell me the sizes. Good luck with your second scan on thursday. My second scan is thursday as well. *fingers crossed for both of us*

Future Mommy said...

Hi! I saw where you wrote on my blog! If you see my last post, you'll know what has taken me so long to reply. That's strange how many similar things we have going! Hope the injections & IUI go well. I've not gotten to that yet. And just like Low Fat Lady, I have no idea about sizes. Good luck though!!! :)

Mrs. Hammer said...

They usually want at least one at about 18-20mm. Keep in mind though that you can have mature eggs in smaller follicles. They bigger ones just usually gaurentee a mature egg. And at this point your body should start picking up speed in growing those follicles because your estrogen is higher.

I feel you on the lame ovary. Lefty is my problem child. I hope things look good tomorrow.

Evan Shanley said...

Bailey, the best thing you can do is stay positive. Negativity won't help!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

dont give up on that 13mm..i often doubted follicles and was pleasantly surprised the next time i went to the doc. :)

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