August 8, 2009

IUI... and the waiting game begins

The IUI this morning wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined. A big part of the fact that it wasn't bad at all has to do with our amazing nurse Jamie!!! She is the sweetest, kindest, most pleasant nurse I've ever had. She works directly for Dr. O and she is the one that lines up all of my medicines at the pharmacy, schedules my apts and ultrasounds (even when there is no room to fit me in the schedule she makes it work) and she is also the one that did our IUI this morning.

It was quite interesting. We dropped "the goods" off at 9am, then went shopping for a while. At 10am we came back for the procedure. I'll spare the details since I know a lot of my family read this blog =) But I just wanted to let everyone know we're home, and after having to lay down for 4 hours, all is good. Now we begin the waiting game to see if this did the trick. Jamie, Tammy (the awesome ultrasound tech) and Dr. O are all very hopeful... so I might as well be too! =)

Here are some pictures from today.

Jamie and I (it was early and I had no desire to put makeup on, plus we were the only people in the entire clinic, except for the guy cleaning the fish tank =)

Laying upside down for 25 minutes before we could go home... oh how the life of an infertile takes away your modesty!


Anne D said...

What, no props to Matt for his strait swimmers??

Mrs. Hammer said...

I hope this cycle is it for you two! I have an award waiting for you at my blog.