March 3, 2011

Day 3

3/3/11 Day 3 — A favorite book
I can't pinpoint a favorite book, but I definitely have a favorite author, Nicholas Sparks. His most famous book, turned into a movie later on, was The Notebook . He is most well known for his romance novels that can melt just about any woman's heart. His love stories are so well written you can almost feel yourself melting as the stories unfold. If you have never read his books I would highly recommend Dear John or The Wedding. Enjoy!

Got any good book recommendations for me?


Anonymous said...

The Shining by Stephen King!

Anonymous said...

I love Nicholas Sparks too! My new favorite is Karen Kingsbury - check out your church library, I'm sure they have many of them! Easy reads like Sparks' but Christian so they are definitely good for the heart.