March 7, 2011

3 Months Old

Dear sweet pea,
How has 1/4 of your first year of life already passed us by?! We are ridiculously in love with you and every little thing that you do! Our favorite time of the week is sitting in bed with you on Saturday mornings watching you smile and squeak at us, it truly melts our hearts! Thank you for being the light of our lives!
Mommy & Daddy

And now for your latest stats:

Weight: 13lbs 5oz : 64th percentile (At 2 months: 12lbs 0oz : 75-80th percentile)

Length: 24 1/4 inches : 67th percentile (At 2 months: 22 3/4 inches: 50th percentile)

Diaper size: Size 1, moving to size 2's as soon as this box is empty!

Clothes size: You are mostly wearing 3 month clothes, and some 3-6 month things too.

Sleep: You are an amazing sleeper!! You are consistently sleeping 9 to 9 1/2 hours straight each night, and then go back to sleep for another 2 hours, you are such a good sleeper!

Favorite activities/things: Sleeping, KICKING- you love to kick at your gym toys and you learned how to kick in the tub now too! Sucking on things, especially blankets and tags, pretty much everything EXCEPT for a bottle, which you basically are still refusing. =(

Eating: You still are eating like a champ! You had a few weeks this month of needing to eat every 2 hours, but you are making your way back to every 3 hours right now.

Nicknames: My love, and "Buddy Boy" which grandpa calls you

Talking: You have started to make some new sounds, you can make a "m" sound and a few others too.

New adventures: You were baptized the day before you turned 3 months old. You were such a sweet girl, wide awake and quiet during your baptism and then quietly slept for the rest of the service. You went to your first wedding and apparently weren't too impressed, after about 3 minutes of the wedding you went to the lobby to hang out with daddy. You also went to your first UNI basketball game with mommy, daddy and papa. And last, but certainly not least... you attempted to take a bottle, with ZERO success (ok, you took maybe 3 sips). You basically refuse to even have it near your lips, guess we'll keep trying. =)

Love this shirt! "It's good to be king"

Don't you just love this face?!

And then she got tired of pictures and fell asleep... while touching daddy's face. Priceless.

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Jenna Grover said...

such sweet pictures. LOVE the "K" outfit - adorable!