December 9, 2010

on our way home!

Kinley is doing awesome and I feel great, so we are excited to be heading home this morning! Kinley had some bloodwork this morning to check her bilirubin levels for jaundice. It was a bit high last night so we are praying its down this morning and no further action is needed. If its not down (and it usually doesn't go down on the 3rd day when being breastfed) then we may have to use a bili-light at home, guess we'll deal if that's the case but of course we'd loive it if her levels were lower.
Other than that we are loving this little girl to death!!! I've never been more in love with Matt either, so life is great right now!
We got some awesome pictures of Kinley wide awake yesterday, I'll get them up soon.

Thanks for all of the well wishes!

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Bonita said...

Kinley Maxine (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her name-esp. her middle name-after your Grandma-ohh.....) is SOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!!
I have to say from the pictures -she looks exactly like her Daddy-you are probably loving that huh Matt?:) We are truly rejoicing & praising God with you for this indescribable gift!! God is good!!
Can't wait to meet her!! We love all 3 of you!!
Shan & Bonita