December 23, 2010

0 Months Old

"I am 0 months old!"

Since Kinley is just a few weeks old now I don't have too many stories or specific things to write about yet, but I'll give this monthly post a go anyway.

You have absolutely flipped our lives upside down. We thought we knew what we were getting into, but we had no idea. We love you more than we ever dreamed possible. You are the center of our world and we think about you 24 hours a day. We could not imagine our lives without you, you are so perfect in every way! A few things you have already shown us:

*You MUST have your diaper changed before you will even think about eating.
*You love to make grunting noises while Daddy burps you, it makes us laugh.
*You LOVE baths! You could sit in the bath all night if we would let you.
*Your umbilical cord fell off after 12 days, we think you are going to have an "innie" but we aren't 100% sure yet.
*You are wearing size newborn diapers
*You are wearing newborn size clothes
*You can lift your head for 5-10 seconds at a time and can switch which side you are looking towards
*You can make eye contact and follow moving objects with your eyes
*You sleep best when you are swaddled in the miracle blanket.
*When you aren't in the miracle blanket you sleep with your hands up by your face
*You get hot when you sleep and need to be cooled off in order to get back to sleep just like your mom and dad.
*You do NOT like being stripped down and weighed by the nurses
*You enjoy peeing while mommy is changing your diaper.
*Daddy can put you to sleep quicker than anyone else can.

Thank you for being such an amazing little girl, we love you beyond words!

Mommy & Daddy

Kinley with her stuffed alligator. We are going to take her picture each month with this alligator to see how much she's growing, here's month 0!

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