October 14, 2010

Matt's Monthly Memories - 7 months pregnant

Well this past month I helped Rusty (Bailey's dad) harvest his crops. He let me drive the nice tractor (John Deere 8230) that has a companion seat, so Bailey rode with me for one round of hauling beans. Well it turns out the companion seat is not as smooth as the driver seat, and Bailey was having some pain while riding in her "concrete seat". It’s amazing what an air ride seat can do for a guy. I made her get out after that one round and didn’t let her back in. I can’t wait for little girl King to ride with me in the coming years. She is going to love it!!

Bailey and I got to visit and tour the birthing rooms at our hospital. They seem like nice rooms, but our tour guide tried making a joke of every little thing…we used to stock the fridges until people emptied everything into their bags before they left, haha….these are the hospital gowns you will most likely be wearing, they are a pretty big fashion statement so try not to steal them, haha…and so on. It was a little ridiculous, I felt awkward for her. Anyways, the rooms look like they will do and it gave me a nice image to create my game-plan for birth day. I am working on a spreadsheet of the location of all the birth rooms and all of the break rooms with the food and drink. There should be no surprises come game/birth day. I should know the most efficient route to all locations for any circumstance that may arise! Bring it on (in about 9 weeks)!!

Along with the tour of the birthing center, we attended a CPR class at the hospital. It was not a class to get certified for CPR, thank goodness, because the instructor was all over the place. I think I finally figured out what should be done in the event of choking or not breathing, but only after decapitating one CPR dummy and almost losing my gum in another CPR dummy’s mouth. In all seriousness, I do feel more comfortable if something were to happen which was the overall goal.

The final thing I want to say is Thank You to everyone who was in attendance for the baby shower and Thank You for all of the items that we received…I know it will all be useful when our little girl arrives. And now for my monthly survey….

How far along?
We are in our 30th week….start week 31 on Sunday!!

Total weight gain/loss: Staying consistent

Still sleeping well!

Food cravings: Lunch meat sandwiches

Best moment this week: Getting kicked in the head by my little girl.

Yea…..she kicked me in the head.

Gender: I am still a guy, our baby is still a girl

Labor Signs: Negative

Belly Button in or out?

What I miss:

What I am looking forward to: We are starting the every-other-week appointments….that means we are getting closer!

Weekly Wisdom:
Again, “Bailey….don’t forget to Kegel”

Milestones: First baby shower/gift party was last weekend.

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