October 20, 2010

Doctor Dilema Solved!

We met with a midwife yesterday and fell in love! We were complete smiles the whole time. In a nut shell she said that every item on our birth plan is completely do-able, and appropriate for a natural childbirth. Whew... what a relief. She made us feel completely normal, and supported. She has gone through Bradley training herself and I think that's a huge bonus, she knows the information and training that we've been given and is fully supportive of it.

Needless to say we are making the switch to her and her other midwife partner. In fact, we officially switch tomorrow! We are pretty excited with this new decision and feel completely at peace with our new midwives- relief is an understatement. I guess I make the call tomorrow to cancel all of our old appointments.

We are thanking the lord today for great guidance!

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Becky Bartlett said...

Hooray! So glad you found someone you're comfortable with!! (was it Kim??) Happy for you...