October 18, 2010

Doctor Dilema

Matt and I are currently taking 12 weeks of classes to learn how to labor/birth naturally using the Bradley Birthing Method. We decided to take these classes after we did some research and realized all of the amazing benefits to baby if no drugs are used during labor. We made this decision, and are taking 24 hours of classes to prepare to follow through with that decision. One of the class topics is writing a birth plan. This plan is something that we write, show to our doctors, and also the nurses, so that our plans for going naturally can be carried out by everyone during delivery. We will be the first to admit that there are some "different" things on our birth plan. Since 97% of people at our hospital use drugs to manage pain, some of our wishes are quite different from "the norm"... as would be expected when you are trying to do something that 97% of the people don't want to/or don't do.

So, Matt and I took our birth plan in this week to show to our doctor. We wanted to start sharing with each doctor since there are 5 of them at our clinic, we wanted to start talking to each of them. Well, my biggest worry happened. The doctor (this was our first time meeting her) had a lot of "questions" and thoughts on our plan. She said we would have to choose between placing the baby on my chest and clamping the cord right away, "because it probably wouldn't reach" (which is SO NOT TRUE), she then went on to talk about episiotomies and how they aren't routinely done, but if I would need one she would discuss first with us- at which point Matt asked about pressure episiotomies (a technique that we would want done), her reply- "What's that?" I about died. Matt explained it well, and she said that she has never done that and couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't hurt badly, since it's "not routine". She also said she was very worried that we didn't want an IV, she would feel nervous and would want us to have a hep-lock (which is also "routine"). She also said we would need to tell each nurse etc that a part of our plan is not to offer us meds- isn't that the point of the plan, to not have to TELL everyone, so they can read it and follow it?

Sighh.... I feel overwhelmed. I know deep down that we can stay with these doctors and that we can have most of what we want done, but I know that Matt will be on "patrol" the entire time trying to get what we want and fighting for what we know is best, instead of being able to help me with everything. I am concerned now. I feel like we should look into a last minute switch to a midwife but I don't want to start this all over. We love our hospital and would like to stay there.

So we now have an appointment with a midwife to discuss our options and birth plan (the same midwife that we went to 2 years ago when we first realized we needed help getting pregnant- but she pretty quickly moved us on when none of the initial fertility drugs helped). I'm nervous to make a switch this late, but I feel passionate enough about having someone who truly supports going naturally that I think it may be worth it. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that we feel better about the situation with the midwife after talking to her... =-/


Becky Bartlett said...

Keep us posted on how that appointment goes. AND- don't forget that you just may throw those plans out the window once baby starts coming!! I really do think that the most important thing to add to your plan is flexibility!!! :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a mid-wife is your best choice. If your truly want a drug free birth a mid-wife will be the right person to help you through your labor drug-free.
Just remember, you have never felt labor pains before - and you have NO IDEA what it is like, so don't set yourself up for disappoint if you decide to have some sort of intervention ( drugs ) once labor really starts. I know so many mom's who want a drug-free delivery then once labor really starts are begging for drugs. They then fell like they failed...
A healthy baby and healthy Mommy are the goal of any good health care professional! Just remember that if things don't work out your way.

Jamie said...


I tried to leave you a comment at work but it didn't go through. My friend, Lindsey, switched to a midwife really late in her pregnancy. They were not insured and realized it would be much cheaper to switch to a birthing center instead of the hospital they were attending. She had an amazing, natural, water birth and enjoyed her experience.

Here is her blog info:

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comments -- keep in mind that a plan is just a plan and it can change in the middle of the process. Most of the "usual" things that happen for pregnant women (such as an IV) are set up in case the worst should happen. They want to keep you and the baby safe.

Like Becky said - the most important part of the plan is to be flexible and even go with the flow.

I was able to deliver my first son with just 2 doses of a pain relief drug and my second son with none, BUT being in the middle of the birthing process - a LOT can happen and I felt a LOT of emotions that I did not expect to feel.

Just keep in mind, it may be in your best interest to keep an open mind to what the doctors are suggesting too.

Anonymous said...

A mid-wife is a great option especially since you want a drug free birth. I fully believe you can do it but also know first hand how those plans can quickly change! My 1st baby was completely drug free and I was hoping to repeat that for the second. However, she had different plans and after several scary moments was born completely healthy via c-section and I was never so happy in my life.
My point is...go with what you want...but, please remember however your beautiful girl decides to enter this world or whether you had drugs or not will not matter in the least. I had two completely different experiences but still ended up with two beautiful outcomes! Good luck!