October 19, 2010

31 Week Survey

How far along? 31 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure... but I feel huge this week.

Sleep: I was SO SO SO tired this week even though I was sleeping about 9 hours a night.

Food cravings: Nothing

Best moment this week: Friday the baby was kicking LIKE CRAZY all day! It was awesome to feel her go crazy almost the entire day.

Movement: Going like crazy again. She got Matt right in the face when he was talking to her the other morning.

Gender: Still a girl! =)

Labor Signs: nope

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: Not a darn thing

What I am looking forward to: We have another shower this weekend, I'm excited to see more family and get more adorable gifts for this baby girl.

Weekly Wisdom: If you don't feel comfortable with your doctor, you need to look elsewhere... (more details on this issues in yesterday's blog)

Milestones: WE ARE IN THE SINGLE DIGIT WEEK COUNTDOWN!!! I can't even believe it!

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