October 7, 2010

A big decision and new job...

A lot of people around me already know where this post is headed, but many don't, so here goes.

After lots of prayers and number crunching, Matt and I have decided that after our baby girl is born I will no longer be a 1st and 2nd grade reading teacher. I will officially transition to stay at home mom/part time photographer!! Although this transition comes with lots and lots of happiness and excitement, it also comes with a tinge of anxiety.

I am going to miss my coworkers and students like crazy! The thank you's that I get from parents whose children were struggling to read, and then were suddenly "reading" are absolutely priceless. The countless kids' smiles that I've seen while teaching them to tie their shoes during our 1 on 1 "reading lesson" so that their friends wouldn't know that they still couldn't tie their shoes will never leave my mind.

I know this will sound crazy to a lot of people, but I worry a lot about not feeling enough sense of accomplishment staying at home. Don't get me wrong, I know I will be SUPER busy and have a very important job, but I just worry that I won't have that same sense of checking off all the things on my many "lists" that kept me busy at school. I am very blessed however, that our photography business is taking off like crazy! We are booked basically every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday into November. We have our first two weddings booked for next year and are starting to spread out across Iowa too. I think the success of our business is truly what will keep me grounded as I learn to calm myself a bit with my lists and stay at home each day.

I have loved my 4 years of teaching but am excited beyond belief to have the opportunity to stay home with our precious babe. I have officially signed to take off December-August, and then next summer will have to decide if I will be going back in August or if I will be done teaching for who knows how long. I am super lucky to have this option with my school district, it will give me a chance to take a "test drive" of what staying home and concentrating on our baby and photography will really be like.

So for now I will enjoy the last few months with my students and colleagues, prepare to switch hats to full time mommy in only a few short months, and be thankful for an amaazing husband who supports and encourages my new "position".


Becky Bartlett said...

It is a weird transition from working woman to sahm. BUT- you'll find that there are endless checklists at home... ones that never seem to get accomplished b/c you're too busy!! It's a different sort of accomplishment, but really really good. You'll love it!!!

Nicole said...

If it helped, write a long checklist like this, "Feed Baby x8, Change diapers x10, Bath x1..." haha. It is interesting to make the transition to SAHM, but I promise I really feel like I have a full time JOB! It's just more fun because part of my job description is just to hold my baby and play with him or talk to him... the number directive is to keep Baby happy and cared for. When Baby first arrives you'll find that you to-do list never seems to get shorter, just longer as you can't keep up with "simple" things like dishes or laundry. And there will be days that you miss adult conversation. But it's soooo worth it. I can't imagine leaving my baby with someone else, that would break my heart and I'm so blessed to be able to stay at home. Think how wonderful you'll feel when you teach your baby to read or tie a shoelace! :)