August 20, 2010


Matt and I had an amazing time in Tennessee this past week on our babymoon! We laughed at the stupidest things, made ridiculous jokes, and talked to our baby girl like it was our job. It was a relaxing vacation, and exactly what we needed amidst the chaos of selling our house, choosing floor plans for a new house, and preparing for this baby girl.

We headed out Friday afternoon and were met by this lovely storm:

I was SO freaked out by the fact that we couldn't really see the road, but my chauffeur (he drove the entire 26 hour round trip) did a good job of giving me food and keeping me calm. =)

We stopped in Louisville, Kentucky Friday night and then headed on to our cabin in the Smoky Mountains Saturday morning. Here is our beautiful cabin!

The "great room", with pool table that Matt LOVED!

The view from our back deck, which dropped off below our deck and overlooked the mountains, so pretty.

We had a friend show up about 5 minutes after we arrived at the cabin. Meow-meow as we called him, was our little black cat that greeted us in the driveway every time we came back, and sat on our back deck and looked in our windows whenever we were inside. Matt wouldn't let me feed him the first day because he said he would never leave us alone, but after he didn't leave us alone anyway, he caved and I was free to feed meow-meow all I wanted. He LOVED my treats. He ate til his little heart was content and then would pass out on the deck, he was so cute (and he helped me get through my anxiety from leaving my two babies back home with Grandma). I know, pathetic. =)

Meet Meow-meow:

The second day we were there we headed to Dollywood, which is basically Dolly Parton's version of disneyworld, on a smaller scale of course. Some friends of ours hooked us up with free tickets so we were pretty pleased about that! The day we went it was 96 degrees and ridiculously humid, so it was a bit rough going for this pregnant girl, but it was still neat to see.
Here we are at Dollywood dying of heat:

It was SO weird to not be able to do hardly any of the rides at Dollywood. Don't get me wrong, I'll take being pregnant over roller coasters any day, but it was so weird to not be ABLE to go on anything, instead of just choosing not to go on them.

Matt got in on a little basketball action at Dollywood, he did great and had all the little kids lined up after him to give it a go.

After Dollywood we headed to the Dollywood water park, where once again I couldn't do much, but I did find an awesome lazy river. The water was a much needed relief from the heat!

The last day we were in Tennessee we headed through the Smoky Mountain National Park, it was beautiful!! The trees were so pretty, the mountains were amazing, and the views were spectacular!

Another bonus of this trip, feeling our baby girl kick some monstrous kicks! She has gotten so much stronger in the past few weeks. Matt was able to feel one of her huge kicks and got quite a laugh out of it. I'm loving feeling her move every day now!

I'm so glad that we had a chance to get away for 5 days together, relax and enjoy all that we are so thankful for right now. Now onto the start of school, eeek- I go back Monday!, selling our house, finalizing plans for our new house, and of course getting ready to welcome this little princess into our lives!

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