May 1, 2010

Off to Wisconsin for Matt's marathon!

This morning we are leaving for Matt's marathon, which he will run tomorrow morning. I am SO SO SO excited to watch him run this marathon. I was teary eyed during his 1/2 marathon (and I wasn't pregnant!) so I'm sure this race will have me in tears. It is so amazing to watch him go from a non-runner (although very athletic) to a marathoner, so awesome!

I'll post pictures of his race and our fun in Wisconsin when we get back. But for now a letter to my love.

I am so proud of everything that you have accomplished and are about to accomplish as you have gone through this training. I am still in shock that you are about to run 26.2 miles, what an awesome feat. You amaze me every day. Your perseverance and continued effort have impressed me.

Go get em love!


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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Tom is currently training to run a marathon in October and Im super excited for him. He, too, wasnt a runner until recently. I wish I had the discipline he does!

I hope you guys had a great weekend!!