May 26, 2010

an unexpected appointment

I had a routine phone call with my Dr’s nurse yesterday to go over family history, test options, etc. (The stuff most people go over before their first appointment) One of the questions that she asked me was if I had had any nausea or tenderness. I told her that I did until about a week ago. I then asked if it was normal that that was really worrying me (that it had stopped). She said that it can be a sign that something is wrong and the baby has passed, but hopefully it just meant that I was lucky to not have symptoms anymore.

We then got in a conversation about what my options were. She mentioned blood work, which I wasn’t too excited for because results wouldn’t be back until Friday, which the office is closed. She then said that she would get me in for an ultrasound this week. She also said to make sure I bring my husband… that’s when I did start to feel nauseous, but not “the baby is making me sick” kind, more like I’m trying my hardest not to be nervous but my stomach is killing me kind.

So tomorrow Matt and I head to the doctor’s office for a 10 week ultrasound. Matt, as is normal for him, is not worried. In fact I think he’s kind of excited to see baby King again. I, on the other hand, am nervous. I haven’t even let myself venture near that point where I can even think about something being wrong. We have worked so hard, and gone through so much for this baby, we want this baby SO BADLY, everything HAS to be fine tomorrow.

Prayers are always welcome; I’m praying for a brilliant report tomorrow, the baby measuring right on with a great heartbeat and, according to my books, we should even be able to see his/her little limbs moving around.


Kolby, Laura, Moe, and IDK said...

I'll be praying for Baby King! I had a bit of the throw ups and they went away well before the normal time frame, I'm hoping your just a lucky person like me!

Nicole said...

Oh geeze, I had a surprise U/S to check viability at 12 weeks which TOTALLY freaked me out. I am so empathetic to your feeling right now. When I started to get my RLP at about 20-22 weeks I was worried and called, was reassurred by the on-call doc. But then when the nurse called to follow up she seemed much more worried and got me an appt, which made me very, very, VERY nervous (ended up with me crying my way to L&D for reassurrance). And it was NOTHING!!! It was all fine. I hope your story is similar :) Praying for good news tomorrow!!

Mrs. V said...

I'm definitely keeping you and Baby King in my prayers! I was just about to make an appointment for the same reason. My nausea seems to have really tapered off, and I'm actually feeling hungry again, and I'm 9 weeks and 2 days. I still have a few other pregnancy symptoms, but it's just unnerving. I hope all goes well tomorrow!

Mrs. Lemon said...

Good Luck today! You are in my prayers and wishing for all the best news.

BethForbus said...

Hey Bailey,

Have been following your blog. Praying for you today.