May 27, 2010

10 week survey

How far along? 10 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain/loss: Down about a 1/2 pound

Sleep: Back to sleeping amazing, usually 8:30pm to 6:30 or 7am

Food cravings: Nothing sounds too amazing right now, although I did LOVE the taco pizza we had earlier this week

Best moment this week: We are JUST home from our "unexpected ultrasound" and it was the most amazing moment ever. When the ultrasound first started Baby King waved, it was adorable. He now looks like a real baby, hands, feet, fingers, toes, normal looking head, it was awesome. PLUS, we got to HEAR the heartbeat today instead of just seeing it. (I will post pictures from today's ultrasound later tonight)

Movement: Baby King is moving and shaking, unfortunately I can't feel it yet

Gender: Still feeling boy, thinking maybe the high heartbeat today (167) could mean girl? =)

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Nothing, I'm loving every moment of this pregnancy (except for when I'm worried about something)

What I am looking forward to: I'm excited for the 12 week appointment and hearing the heartbeat again so that we can record it this time

Weekly Wisdom: (From the doctor today) Anytime you feel something isn't right, call us, we would love to check everything and give you peace of mind. (Have I said that I LOVE my doctor's office?! They never make me feel like I'm a nut, love it).

Milestones: Another perfect ultrasound!


Carol said...

Wonderful. I don't even know you but I'm relieved for you!

Mrs. V said...

Woo-HOO! I'm so glad your ultrasound went without a hitch. I can't wait to see pictures!!

J said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you! I've been checking back all day to see your update from the ultrasound!

Staci said...

I am so happy to hear that everything was okay!!!

Jill said...

So glad baby is doing well and that your doctor treats you with such respect! After two years of trying, we had several scares with our pregnancy. So, I recorded our son, Aidan's, heartbeat on my cell phone from the Doppler. That way if I got worried, I always had something with me for comfort and to make me smile.

Jenna Davis said...

yah!! pretty sure i will go crazy if it's a girl:)