May 11, 2010

We were finally listened to

We had our first pre-natal appointment with a "normal" OB yesterday. She was phenomenal. I have never felt so validated, listened to, and encouraged by a doctor ever before. This woman was seriously amazing.

First we had our 8 week ultrasound. Baby King looked AMAZING! He (we're still thinking boy) was RIGHT ON TRACK! Measured exactly 8 weeks 2 days, and had a glorious heartbeat of 176. Matt saw the heartbeat right away, I never did get a perfect view, I was a bit too far away from the screen, and the ultrasound at a "normal" doctor's office isn't quite the same as a high tech infertility clinic, oh well.

Once we saw the doctor she asked us a few questions and then we were able to ask her some questions. Right away I asked her what she thought about my MTHFR mutations and a need for blood thinners. She looked us straight in the eyes and said she doesn't know enough about it, but she would research it this week and personally call me back. WOW. Seriously, WOW. Not a single doctor would admit that they didn't know enough about it, not a single doctor would answer our questions, and not a single doctor, until yesterday, ever made me feel like they cared. By 5:30 last night I had received TWO personal phone calls from our doctor. She had found some research (AND EVEN EMAILED A COPY TO ME!) and was confident that everything that I was currently doing was right on, and there is no need for blood thinners. She said that I'm lucky in the fact that I have 2 mutations but they are both on difference chromosomes. People who have 2 mutations on the same chromosome have more issues. So if I continue with crazy high doses of folic acid, that will control my homocysteine levels, which is what would cause the clotting issues. Insert huge sigh of relief. She had mentioned needing to go back to Iowa City to see a high risk OB, but I'm thinking we may avoid that now that we don't have to do blood thinners.

We also were able to ask a ton more questions. I asked about weight, and what I should be aiming to gain. Her answer - nothing would be preferred, but 15 lbs would be the max. I was a bit shocked by her answer. From what I had read I was thinking she would say 25 lbs, but nope, nothing. I'm not exactly sure how a pregnant lady gains no weight, but I guess I'll attempt it. Good thing almost nothing sounds good to eat these days. =)

Yesterday we were given the "pre-natal goody bag" from our doctor's office. In it there was information on the classes that the hospital we will deliver at offer. I called to get dates and to see when people typically take these classes. Long story short, they only offer Lamaze as a birthing technique. I did some more looking around and found that Lamaze is mostly for early labor and is to help you tune out the pain. I also did some research on the Bradley method, which is for the later, tough parts of labor, and teaches you to deal with the pain.

The only downfall is that the Bradley class is $200 more than Lamaze and is 12 weeks long, instead of 8. However, I'm leaning towards the Bradley method. I think it will give me a better shot at a natural delivery. I'm not one of those "I refuse to have an epidural" type of girls, but I would like to give my best effort at a natural birth. So anyone out there have thoughts or info on either class?

Overall I'm thrilled with the doctor we saw. We both left feeling completely understood, and excited about this baby and what is still to come.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I start our Bradley Method class next week....I'll let you know how it goes. I was referred to this class by several people. I was told it really brings the partner in as a coach. I was also told that we will be taught more than just birthing techniques, things such as nutrition for the next 12 weeks, exercises for labor and a lot of other stuff that a regular lamaze class does not cover. That's the main reason we chose this type of class. This is our first child, so we are not sure what to expect...hoping this class will give us more than a lamaze class and better prepare us.

Jamie said...

I wish we would have taken Bradley classes but the cost was our major deciding factor. I wasn't sure if I would be able to labor naturally anyways and didn't want to spend the money and end up with a c-section or something...I regret my prenatal class decision!

So I vote for the Bradley classes!

Jenni said...

Oh yeeaah! I'm so excited you had a great appointment. I'm SO glad you like the doctor (Was I right about which one she was? They have so many at the office, I get confused.... she made me cry) Anyways, as far as classes... I was kind of glad we took Lamaze. I ended up not needing it, but I was glad to have the information. It taught me how to really breath through the contractions. Also, my blood pressure goes up a lot when I'm in labor, so I wasn't allowed to get out of bed with Hannah. Didn't matter with Mia, I didn't labor at the hopital! haha I have heard the Bradley method is great, it's more about having a supportive husband/partner and him helping you through labor (which I'm pretty sure you already have!) But good for you wanting a natural labor! You know I completely support and encourage it! It's the only way for me!! :)

Isaac Dakota said...

We did the 6 week birthing class at the hospital which really didn't teach a method, but I guess it would lean toward lamaze if either. I had a natural labor and made it through just fine but I know many people don't have the same experience I did.

I have a friend who teaches the Bradley method and it sounds to me like it is a lot more about teaching you what the different stages of labor look like so you and your partner can recognize them and get through them. For instance, toward the end of labor when you are in transition you get hot/cold/hot/cold, sometimes you may not realize that you are in the end stages because you are only focusing on the pain, but if your husband or birthing partner can recognize those signs you are less likely to give in and request drugs because they can recognize and tell you how close you are to the end. I don't know if that makes sense or not. It was just one example. It sounds like a very beneficial method, unlike lamaze.

Amber said...

First of all congrats on your pregnancy so excited for you!

We took the birthing class and it really didnt teach any method in particular and they dont offer the bradley method class that Im aware of here.

Jill said...

I know how you feel about being listened to. My husband and I were nervous about what to expect at our first visit to a fertility specialist in DSM. But upon leaving that first appointment, I told him the same thing. They listened to me...and they affirmed what I was telling them about my cycle, ovulation, etc. We were able to become pregnant with our first clomid/IUI treatment with them. I sometimes think it was more a result of their support, listening and encouragement. Sending positive thoughts your way as you enjoy this adventure!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

So glad you found a great doctor...sounds like a wonderful person! I've never heard of gaining no weight for pregnancy...I thought the recommendation started at 15 lbs or so, with I think 25 - 30 being on the top end. So I wouldn't worry about it too much! Sorry I never got back to you on pregnancy books. I actually haven't done a lot of reading but I do have one book that was kind of's called the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy. I can't remember off the top of my head who it's by, but let me know if you can't find it!

L said...

I would loved to of been able to take a Bradley class, none within 2 hours of us. But I read 2 books on the method and did all the exercises and visualizations. Unfortunately I didn't get to use any of it, had to have a c-section for medical reasons. My mom, aunt, and cousin all used Bradley and all had 100% natural childbirths (4 of the 5 were even home births). If you are wanting to try to go natural, Bradley is the best bet! You might also look into some of Ina May's stuff, she is fantastic also! So excited for you and good luck!!