March 11, 2010

On our way

We are officially on our way into another cycle. We had our baseline ultrasound and appointment this week and to my complete shock, we were cleared to start all of the meds again. I was SO sure that I had some large cysts that would once again delay us, but I didn't. I had lots of little ones, but that's why my disease is called Poly Cystic Ovarion Syndrome.

While we were there we talked a lot with Nurse Amazing (I LOVE this nurse, she is the one that always returns calls and is amazing compared to Nurse Nasty- who we've been stuck with the last few times). We talked a lot about our next steps, what our thoughts are, etc. I asked if I was crazy to make an initial In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) appointment. She said that she thinks having a plan is always a good thing. So we set up an appointment for a few days after when we'll know if this cycle is successful. When we made the appointment I told her a date, then said that I'd be calling back to cancel, she laughed and smiled. =) There is something deep down inside of me (ok, now I regret typing this, I hope I don't jinx it) that feels completely calm, and positive that this is the cycle. We got a HUGE packet of information and a huge list of things to get done before the appointment. I'm not going to rush into getting any of it done, because we won't need it anyway. =)

If we do end up at the appointment it is a SIX HOUR appointment. We thought the 4 hour in October was bad, yeah right! We both have to get a bunch of blood tests done (including AIDS- kinda creepy to get done if you ask me) and I need to get written approval from our insurance company, who thank goodness will be covering part of the $18,000 (yes, you read that right) procedure. There was a 19 page packet that we would have to sign that talked about if there are frozen embryos and someone dies then this happens, if you get divorced then this happens to the embryos, on and and on and on. It was really crazy to read through all of the information on the way home. We are so scarily close to IVF. If we need to go through IVF to start our family then we will, if God has amazing plans to spare us the physical, emotional, and bank-account pain that IVF causes, then we will be forever thankful. Either way we have the next step in line, and that's what keeps me sane.

We go back next Friday (3/19) to have an ultrasound to see how many follicles (eggs) we have growing. We want between 1 and 3. Over 3 follicles and they make you cancel if you aren't willing to selectively reduce, which we're not. So prayers are definitely welcome for 3 beautiful, big, follicles next Friday.

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Becky Bartlett said...

Praying for sure, Bailey!!