March 22, 2010

happy day!

Today is a great day. Today is my daddio's birthday AND we just got great news at our dr's appointment! We have 3 follicles that are now in the running! (A 14mm, 11mm, and 10mm). We were all pleasantly surprised!

I am to continue on with 150 iu for two more nights, and then come back on Wednesday for another ultrasound, hopefully to see a few beautiful 18mm follicles!

I am so humbled by all of the prayers we have received since Friday. Thank you, we appreciate it so much. Although it was hard to hear the news Friday we continued to believe that God does have a plan for us, today is a reminder of how true that is.


lowfatlady said...

Yea for the great follie report!

aeb said...

Yay!! So glad you got some good news today!! See you Wed!

Becky Bartlett said...


Niki said...

I just got all caught up on your story and I wanted to wish you guys good luck!