March 30, 2010

The Last IUI

It was a bit bittersweet as we went through our last IUI. I feel completely different this month compared to the round in January. I felt cramping leading up to, and after the IUI - last time I felt none for 2 days before the IUI, leading me to believe that the timing was way off. Matt's numbers were off the chart (I know Dad- totally too much information) - not that they were bad last time, but this was literally off the chart. I had an endless amount of follicles this time - last time I had two. I feel optimistic and positive this month - last month I knew something was off and we wouldn't conceive. There are lots of things that lead me to believe that this is the month, our month, the month that our babies will be conceived.

As of last Wednesday I had a 16, 13, 13, 10, and 9 mm follicles. We proceeded to do two more nights of 150iu Follistim, plus the trigger shot (which also helps follicles mature). And since follicles can mature at a rate of 1-3mm per day, and we need the follicles to be above 18mm.... that leads us to my math for the day (3 mm/day x 4 days = up to 12mm growth since the last ultrasound) to come up with the fact that we could have (although a long shot) had FIVE mature follicles by the time of the IUI!!!

Some people have asked me if I'm scared that there could be five babies growing right now. My answer; not really, I'm just darn excited and grateful that we even had "a chance" this month. The Dr. said that we have a very low possibility of having more than twins, so I'll trust her. (Side note and quick rant- it blows my mind to think that "normal" people have a chance to conceive EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Matt and I have literally had 3 chances to get pregnant in the last 16 months, compared the the normal person's 16 chances. Ughh, the life of a PCOS girl) And if we end up with more than twins, apparently God thinks we can handle it, so I might as well believe it too.

We now are in the dreaded wait time, waiting to see if this worked, waiting to see if our prayers are answered, waiting to see if we'll be able to cancel that dreaded IVF appointment.

I'm excited to be where we are right now. I continue to ask that you pray for us, for our possible babies, and for God to do great works this month.

Now just a few more weeks until we know if we can celebrate, or hold our breaths as we move onto our very last option.


MysteriousMindy said...

You and I are in our 2 week wait sounds like you have a really good shot (no pun intended ;-) this month...keep the faith!

Rosie said...

Hi I'm Rose! Been lurking on your blog for a few months. I have PCOS as well, newly diagnosed. I just wanted to tell you that I am routing for you. Your story and your endless faith and hope after all that you've been through is so inspiring. Keep going. This IS your month! Fingers crossed.