March 19, 2010

no such luck

We are on our way home from an INCREDIBLY frustrating appointment. We had an ultrasound to see how the follicles/eggs were coming along this cycle. We upped our dosage from last cycle (even though that one went pretty well, they did think I responded a little bit slow, so we went from 75 iu to 100). So naturally I'm expecting even better results than in january- no such luck. I had basically no follicles at all. There was one tiny (8mm) follicle but they want above 18mm and don't really count anything under 10. I held it together until half way through our time with the dr, then I lost it. I am so freaking frustrated! Thye basically told me they had no idea what ny hormones are doing or why this happened- yeah, me either. So they want to up my shots to 150 for 3 more nights and go back Monday, although they doubt much will come of it. AND to make today even better I found out that we will miss our clinic's next round of IVF by just a few days. So now we will have to wait for the May/June group...perfect, why would it time out correctly? Ugh.

Now I'm off to my best friend from high school's wedding rehearsal looking puffy eyed, all the while trying to figure out when and how Matt can get me a shot tonight (all the girls are staying at a hotel) and tomorrow between the ceremony and reception AND keep the meds refrigerated. I want to go dig a hole right about now.


lowfatlady said...

Ugh, so sorry things are so frustrating. That is really annoying that you responded well last month and aren't getting anything this month. I so know how that feels. I hope the extra bit of shots turns everything around.

sienna said...

i hope you were able to make it through the wedding rehearsal in one piece? i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!