February 1, 2010

Where in the world

Oh how those palm trees look amazing right now!

As I'm sure most of you have figured out by now, we are headed to California in just 18 days!!!!

We are so excited!! I have a very amazing aunt and uncle that live in Long Beach, California that graciously accepted our plea to let us stay for a few days. =) We head out at 6am Friday the 19th, and will be back sometime late Wednesday. We are very ready to get away, have a few drinks, enjoy the warm weather, ride a few roller coasters, and whatever else the trip may bring. Plus, we'll be in California during Matt's birthday, how awesome is that?!

We will be back just a few days before our next cycle starts, hopefully refreshed, feeling hopeful, and ready to tackle another round of treatments. I'm hoping later this week to post a rough outline of "what's next" for us.

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shane and jackee said...

Hope you guys have a fabulous time! :)