February 16, 2010

57 hours...

In a short 57 hours we will be on a plane, heading to sunny, wonderful, stress-free California. I know I've probably done a little overkill talking about this trip, but I'm just so darn excited to get away from everything. The idea for this trip only came up a month or so ago, so I haven't had much time to get excited (not that I need it!)
I'm ready to have a break from everything pregnancy related, and frankly I'm just ready to kick back and have some fun!

This week my students have been working on visualizing. This was my paragraph that I used and had my students visualize.

The sun is shining a bright, warm, pear-yellow color on my arm. I can feel the wind zipping over my hand as I wave it in the warm Californian breeze outside the window of the car. The radio is making a gentle hum as we cruise down the freeway. I glance over to see Matt shoot a gentle, pearly white smile my way. I am radiating with excitement, only a few more minutes and we will be driving under the welcome sign of Disneyland. Loud, rumbling roller coasters await us. Life is good.

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Baby Wanted said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog. To answer your question, I have no clue what the oprah show was called. I even tried googling it for you. It was from the 80s!

Have fun in Cali! The description paints a beautiful picture...in my head your in a red convertible, lol!