February 5, 2010

A plan... sorta

We've come up with somewhat of a plan for our next steps. We aren't exactly set in these decisions, but we feel comfortable as of right now with what's next. We still need to talk with our head doctor about his thoughts, but for now, here's our plan.

We will be starting our next cycle right around the first of March. At that time we will get a baseline ultrasound to make sure there are no large cysts. If there aren't any, we will do shots (the nurse thinks it will be the same shots again, although we may take a larger dose) and have an IUI, exactly like this last cycle. Because although we weren't able to get pregnant this last month, everything was technically "perfect", we just didn't lucky enough to be in the 20% that gets pregnant.

So we will try the same treatments one more time. This will be our 3rd injectible/IUI cycle and the Dr. said that usually they only suggest 3 tries. Although we have gotten pregnant with our first try, it makes it a little bit trickier. We know that it can work, so it's a bit hard to abandon the treatments after only one more try. BUT... I feel SO ready to move on. I knew something wasn't right this last try, and I'm sick of feeling like we haven't truly had a shot at getting pregnant since our miscarriage in August. I'm ready to move on.

So... we're tentatively planning on going through with one more IUI and then we are leaning towards our options with In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). I'm hoping with my whole heart that we won't have to even attempt IVF (b/c we'll get pregnant with our next IUI) so I'm not going to get into the whole IVF talk quite yet. There is a lot to explain as far as cost, moral issues, and our faith. I'll hold off on those discussions (and hopefully any comments) until we cross that bridge.

We will only have enough insurance money left to do one cycle of IVF, and however many rounds of transfers (if we have any frozen embryos), and then we will move onto adoption. We have always had hearts for adoption, so it definitely won't be considered out "last option". Rather, we feel like we need to give each step of treatment a chance while we have the insurance money, and then we'll feel emotionally ready for adoption.

I have found a really amazing adoption "agency" that I think about ALL of the time. We will hopefully be able to get all of our paperwork into this agency by the beginning of summer if our IUI and IVF have not worked. Adoption is also another bridge that we will cross when we get there, there are also a LOT of questions, issues, and things to discuss when we get to that point.

So... there is our tentative plan for now. We'll see where the next treatments take us, what the doctor has to say about our chances with everything, and where God leads us. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, we definitely appreciate it, especially in this uncertain time.

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Nicole said...

Sounds like a great plan I think. Like you've really thought it through and feel comfortable with it. Of course we all hope that your next IUI in March will stomp the need for anything else, but it always feels better to have a battle plan. Good luck, Sweetie! You deserve it :)