April 29, 2011

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye

See ya later Cherrywood Dr!

That's right, we're moving!! We (finally) sold our house today! We close on June 16th, so now we begin the race to get everything moved, find a place to live, and get our new house plans finalized. We are super excited and thankful that everything is coming together. I CAN NOT WAIT to be sitting in our new living room, looking out the windows at an amazing sunset over the fields in about 5 months!

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Elias Madden said...

Lovely house! It’s really a great feeling for newlyweds to finally settle in a house they could call their own. It’s a fun experience to move in, especially if your friends and family are present. A house is an excellent investment for you guys. New house, new life, and new memories! Isn’t it exciting? How is your stay, so far?

Elias Madden