April 25, 2011

Florida Vacation

We had an amazing time in Florida last week! We got to stay with my sister Keri, meet her boyfriend Mike, see lots of great things and enjoy 85 degree weather! Here are few highlights from our trip.

Kinley and I with my sister Keri, this is the best we could get =-/

Kinley's first trip to the ocean.

A little dip in the water, she wasn't sure what to think of it.

Then she decided she hated it, I think it was a bit too cold.

A trip to sea world to see where my sister works. This is the best picture we got the entire day of the 3 of us. oh well.

Here is an alligator topiary that my sister created.

And this manatee really wanted to see us!

The dolphin show was great, Kinley LOVED watching them jump! Here she is ready for the show to start.

The dolphins pushing the trainer with their noses under the water while spinning, so cool!

Kinley getting ready for the shamu show.

The MASSIVE "shamu", or Tilikum is his actual name, this is the same whale that tragically killed the trainer last year. It was so surreal to see how big he really is!

We thought we'd try the pool to see if kinley liked that better than the ocean (she LOVES baths so we thought she'd love the pool)... NOPE!

Our last day in Florida we decided that we needed to get 007 (my sisters dog) and Kinley to take an Easter picture together, I don't think we did too bad!

Now we are back in the 45 degree rainy weather. Keri and Mike are coming back in May and Kinley CAN'T WAIT to see them again! Thanks for a great trip sis!

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Amber said...

it looks like yall had a wonderful time! That topiary that your sister created was wonderful what talent she has.