April 7, 2011

4 Months Old

Dear Kinners,
You absolutely complete us. Every day is a new adventure with you, we look forward to each and every day with you. You are starting to interact more and are also becoming more playful, before we know it we won't be able to keep up with you! We love you with our whole hearts!
Daddy & Mommy

And now for your latest stats:

Weight: 14 lbs 8 oz : 70th percentile
(3 Months - 13lbs 5oz : 64th percentile, At 2 months: 12lbs 0oz : 75-80th percentile)

Length: 24 inches : 45th Percentile
(3 Months - 24 1/4 inches : 67th percentile (At 2 months: 22 3/4 inches: 50th percentile)

Diaper size: Size 2

Clothes size: You are mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes.

Sleep: You are still an amazing sleeper, you have no idea how happy that makes mommy and daddy!! You are consistently sleeping 10-12 hours each night.

Favorite activities/things: Sleeping, rolling over, standing and jumping in your excersaucer, smiling and laughing at daddy, reading "touch and feel" books, and "talking".

Eating: You are eating every 3 hours, except for the day we tried to get you to eat out of a bottle, and then you refused to eat for 6 hours, I think you were trying to make a point. Point taken, we gave completely up on bottles.

Nicknames: Sweet girl and still using Kinners.

Talking: You have started to really have conversations with us! We mimic the sounds you make and you get so excited, your sounds are starting to get much louder too!

New adventures: You got to experience your very first garage sale this month! You slept quietly in your new baby carrier for most of it while mommy picked out some cute clothes for you. You also got to experience your first cold this month, you looked so pathetic as you sat and sneezed and coughed while mommy held you. Daddy and grandpa were thrilled to take you on your first gator ride around the farm. You rode in your baby carrier strapped tightly to mommy's chest, and had mommy's watchful eye as she made sure that daddy and grandpa drove extra slow.

New Skills Rolling from tummy to back, laughing out loud, biting your tongue (which then ends in screams), standing while we hold your hands, and having "conversations".

Your new favorite way to soothe is to suck your lower lip, makes me laugh.

You finally got a bracelet, aka a fat roll. =) Love it, and so does the doctor, he says your extra healthy!

And I'll leave you with my favorite picture, how can you not love this face?!


Becky Bartlett said...

That last picture cracks me up!!

Jenna Grover said...

such sweet pictures - can't wait to see you both again!

Amber said...

Happy 4 months! She is absolutely precious. We have those same exact stickers for Morgan

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with trying to use bottles with my first daughter. My sister's lactation specialist suggested to her that she use Pur nipples so I tried them. Worked like a charm! Also used for my 2nd daughter. The only place I have found them to purchase though is St Lukes womens health center or their medical supply store on Blairsferry road in Cedar Rapids. My cousin also had the same issue with her son and we shipped these to her in Idaho and she never had any issues after that. I just tried looking them up online but didn't find the right ones, might be worth a phone call to St Lukes to see if they still make them. They are cheap. $5 or $6 for two and work with most generic bottles. Anyway, just a suggestion.