October 23, 2009

I will look for the positives... I will look for the positives...

Well we are completely out for this month. Not a single follicle (egg) could be seen on the ultrasound... we have no chance at anything. I bawled my eyes out, I'm so frustrated. The exact same shots that produced two great looking follicles in July that led to a pregnancy, have now done not-a-darn-thing. As the ultrasound tech was flipping through my file, she kept going back further, and then so politely said “wow, you haven’t had any follicles since July!” Yeah… no kidding. Why do you think I’m so anxious and ready to have a chance at getting pregnant again?! She scheduled me to come back next Tuesday for another ultrasound “incase something pops up”, I’m not holding my breath. If high powered shots don’t do the trick, I doubt that my body will magically start making hormones to produce the follicles.

I took all of this news as a nudge from God. There is nothing left for us to try with our Dr. here. We have been wishy washy about going to the University of Iowa Hospital's Center for Advanced Reproductive Care, so now is the time to go. We have absolutely no dates to try and time it out around, as nothing is happening this month so whenever we go is fine.

Last time I was at our current Dr’s office I asked about making an appointment with a specialist, they told me that I could not make an appointment by myself, they would have to have the referral from the Dr. and then they would call and make it. So today I decided it was time to do a little investigating. I called myself to the Center for Advanced Reproductive Care in Iowa City. She asked why I wanted to be seen… good question. Maybe because I have PCOS, MTHFR, Crohn’s Disease, had a miscarriage and have exhausted all efforts here, her reply: “Could you come on Monday?” We can’t go on Monday because Matt will be in New Mexico, and we don’t have our referral paperwork through yet… but HELLO? Did she just offer me an appointment? I’ll take it! So we are now scheduled to see the well known miracle worker Dr. Davis in two weeks, November 5th. There is nothing more that I hate than being lied to. I obviously CAN make my own appointment thank you very much! Our appointment in Iowa City will be almost exactly a year from when we began trying.. a year!!! I can't even believe it, more to come on that thought in another post.

So then I had to make the call of courage. I had to call my nurse here and explain that we would like a referral to Iowa City. She was very understanding. She said that sometimes they run out of all of their options, and that she completely understood, and that all she wants is for us to be pregnant. I was SO glad that she wasn’t offended by our decision to move on. We have absolutely loved the care that we have gotten. Dr. O, our nurse, and the ultrasound tech have been great, but now we need more.

This month has taught me a lot. Both times that I have stood up for myself and been slightly pushy for what I wanted, I got it, and it was a good thing. The MTHFR test took some pushing and it was positive, now this appointment took some pushing and I got it.

I am sad to move on, mainly because this means that we have MAJOR infertility problems that a local Dr. can’t handle. But I am SO excited to see what Dr. Davis has to say and what he thinks we need to do.

So now a two week wait of another sort. I can handle this.


lowfatlady said...

So sorry you didn't have any follicles. I hope the new doctor is able to do the trick.

beth bobeldyk said...

Dr. Davis is wonderful! I had him as a doc when I was trying to get pregnant exactly three years ago next week! I have a great feeling for you guys this time! My prayers are with you! Way to take this into your own hands. I am proud of you!

Jenn said...

sorry about no follicles... I think that is the most frustrating part, on month, the drugs work, and the next month, literally using the EXACT same drugs... nothing! I look forward to hearing how the appointment goes in a few weeks.

Nicole said...

Sorry about your bad follie news. I was going to say that you definitely can self-refer (unless it's req. for insurance, but that would be a miracle if your ins. paid a dime for your IF). That clinic has great stats, so that's awesome! I'm excited for you and your appointment!

Bailey said...

It actually is required for my insurance, because I am a lucky girl and have SOME coverage.