October 23, 2009


Last weekend was UNI's homecoming. We celebrated with a little tailgating, camper style. It was so cold here that we decided we would take our camper and that way we could get out of the cold from time to time. We had a blast! A bunch of our friends from our church group came up as well as a few other friends and my parents.

Travis is a phenomenal cook. So for our tailgating we could not have plain hamburgers and weenies... oh no, we had ribs and Swedish meatballs!

Dad and Matt being silly.

Our small group in front of the UNI Dome where the Panthers play (Travis & Anne, Matt & I, Jackee & Shane)

Lauren and Ashley (with Kyler) stopped up for a bit too!

Unfortunately they didn't play nearly as well as they have all year and so they lost 20-27.

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Lisa Nieman said...

Your photos are really awesome! Looking forward to seeing you at Leymaster Thanksgiving!