June 14, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary My Love!!!

Happy Anniversary My Love!

I can’t believe that we have already been married a year. The time has absolutely flown by! Thank you for being you. You have made this year the best year of my life! I love you with my whole heart and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect first year together.


A Newlywed Recipe
By Bailey King 6/14/09

1 ideal wedding day (minus the floods)
1 amazing honeymoon in Jamaica
1 heaping Cup of getting used to living together for the 1st time
1 new, adorable, 4 week old kitty
1 long drive for each of us to work and home each day
1 house sold, all on our own!
1 tiny apartment full of stuff, love, and Junie of course
1 quick stay at my parent’s house
1 new house with a dash of several remodeling projects
1 anniversary trip to Costa Rick planned
1 struggle with infertility
1 amazingly handsome, romantic, & darn near perfect husband

A Recipe For: 12 amazing months together as Mr. & Mrs.

So long… I will miss you dearly
By Bailey King 6/14/09

You were everything I always dreamed of, and more.
You were perfect in nearly every way.
You brought me roses for no reason.
You brought me lots of new experiences, like learning to live and be with the same person every day!
You taught me how to love someone else unconditionally.
You taught me to cook, clean, and even how to plant a garden.
You brought lots of laughter to my life, and even the occasional snort.
You made me cry, for good reasons and sometimes for sad reasons too.
You taught me to accept and embrace the occasional day of laziness.
You taught me to be patient… oh how you tested my patience.
You have been good for me, and I shall miss you.
I know I will never see you again, but I am grateful for this year that we’ve had together.
Our time is over, I must move on…
Goodbye newlywed year… I will never forget you.

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Amber said...

Happy Anniversary!